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"Hatch the Retirement Nest Egg"


Here we go again, repeating one of the most over used retirement planning metaphors - "the nest egg".  We are talking about that bundle of money set aside for the future.

It is not surprising that most current financial discussions are focused on the accumulation phase of retirement planning.  This is the first step and a very important one at that.  In fact, many of us are still trying to stash away enough capital just to call it a "nest egg".

The trend is moving toward individuals having to assume responsibility for a significant portion of their retirement income.  Social security alone won't support many in retirement.

The ultimate purpose of the nest egg is for it to be "hatched".  It turns out that sitting on the nest egg is the easy part of retirement planning.  The real work comes when we need to use it to provide steady and dependable retirement income.  There are many new challenges associated with investing for income and growth, rather then just growth alone.

Spending and saving are two completely opposite actions so it stands to reason that when we stop doing one (the accumulation phase of retirement planning ) and start doing another (planning how to "hatch" the nest egg), some of the rules change and some assistance is in order.

Our specialty lies in helping people "hatch" their nest egg by using our unique time release funding technique.

Email us to find out more about how the time release funding technique can help you, joe@infinityfinancialconcepts.com or call us at (708) 410-0400.

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