" You don't need to have all the answers,
You just have to know whom to ask. "

Our Services

We believe that achievement is a process.  Our approach is designed to take you through all the necessary steps and to assist you in the many areas of your financial life up and through retirement, including:

  • Education - We believe that it is our responsibility to help educate our clients about all the aspects of their retirement.  There have been so many benefit and legislation changes over the years that they often don't know where to begin.
  • Retirement Workshops - The focus of our workshops are to educate you on the prepatory steps that should be taken to help ensure financial independence in retirement.
  • Retirement Distribution Planning - This is the main focus of our organization.  We have concentrated on this specialty for almost two decades with our time release funding model.
  • Investment Planning - Helping you determine your asset allocation needs.  Helping you understand your risk tolerance.  Recommending the appropriate investment vehicles in an effort to help you reach and exceed your goals. 
  • Estate Planning - Reviewing your wills and trusts.  Helping preserve your estate for your intended heirs.  Helping with beneficiary designations.  Reducing exposure to estate taxes and probate costs.  Coordinating with your tax and legal advisors. 
  • Risk Management - Reviewing existing insurance policies.  Recommending policy changes when appropriate.  Finding the best policy for your situation.
  • Tax Management - Designing strategies to help make sure you don't needlessly incur tax expenses.  Looking for ways to help reduce your current and future tax burden.  Referring you to qualified tax specialists.
  • Education Funding - Recommending investment and accumulation strategies to help you pay for your children's education.

For a list of the documents needed to help begin your blueprint development, click here.

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