" You don't need to have all the answers,
You just have to know whom to ask. "

Second Opinion Analysis


Whenever an important decision needs to be made, you often seek out the advice of another person.  Your financial health in retirement is extremely important, so getting a second opinion to confirm your financial health status may be a wise decision.  If any of the following statements makes you feel uneasy, a second opinion could be invaluable.

  • Has your advisor properly educated you and instilled a sense of confidence in dealing with pre- and post retirement issues?
  • Is there a distinct plan that clearly defines what assets you're spending and when?
  • You may be positioned correctly, but it may just need to be communicated to you in a financial Blueprint.
  • Do you question the lack of planning or direction by your advisor?
  • Managing your own assets when things were going well may have worked.  But during these turmoil times, consulting with an advisor may help to provide guidance and clarity.
  • Is your advisor an independent representative without limitations or requirements as to which products to offer his clients?
  • Does your advisor focus on asset distribution in retirement?
  • Do you have a team of advisors that have stayed in touch and been proactive during these difficult economic times?
  • Do you have an independent financial advisor outside of your 401K or 403B provider?

At Infinity Financial Concepts we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help educate our clients about all aspects of their retirement.  We are independent financial advisors, without limitations or requirements as to which products to offer our clients.  This allows us the ability to create customized financial plans that help provide income and security for our clients.  If the questions above made you feel uneasy, our complimentary financial Blueprint, which is drafted early in our relationship, can most likely help provide clarity.  Communication with our clients is key, and we work with you to help you crystallize your goals, needs, and dreams.

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